Grants/Contracts Professional 3 will join the OACA team to support researchers involved in translational, clinical and basic research related to COVID-19. This position will be responsible for the coordination and management of federal grants and contracts, foundations and industrial contracts projects prior to award and non-financial coordination and management after award. This position will work with similar positions at our Clinical Translational Science Institute and Masonic Cancer Center, as we want to work with our professionals across OACA to provide clinicians with the most competent and effective support when it comes to grant management. Negotiate with sponsors the terms of rewards and subawards to determine the suitability and acceptance of the university`s terms. Work with legal advisors and contract managers of the sponsor and principal investigators, the Office of General Counsel, scientific deans and other business offices of the university to develop or modify the conditions if necessary in order to minimize the administrative burden, ensure proper costing and compliance with academic guidelines, while ensuring positive relationships with referral agencies. List of positions Grants/Contracts Professional 3 manages an independent workload for grant activities, including the submission of proposals and progress reports, compliance monitoring, data and file management and other administrative tasks. The initial focus will be on COVID-related research in OACA units that do not have staff for scholarships prior to award, as well as providing backups for CTSI and MCC if necessary. This person will work closely with the Faculty and other Principal Investigators (PIs), research staff, department accounting staff, sponsored project administration (SPA) central staff and other partners to facilitate offer and grant activities. This person will provide PIs and other staff with expert advice on the preparation, submission and non-financial management of external and internal funds after award. As an active member of the OACA team, this person will contribute to the creation of tools and process improvement, as well as other pre-financial and non-financial functions assigned after the award.

Responsibilities Proposal Preparation and Award Management (75%) • Manage the process of preparing and submitting the application from the first development to the time of award to researchers, including faculty, post-docs/fellows, PhD students and other researchers. In addition to standard research grants, this could include the preparation of complex proposals for program projects and centre credits, as well as other one-time funding opportunities. • for each proposal submission, responsibilities include reviewing the proponent`s call for proposals; prepare submission schedules; prepare the budgetary and administrative elements of the proposal; receive documents from sub-folders; the completion of all components of the proposal; Preparation of Proposal Routing Forms (PRFs); contact the Services and College Administration and the Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) throughout the submission process; and contact the sponsor if necessary….

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