Click here to send a question to our legal experts about terminating a franchise agreement Filing a legal action is the most formal procedure in the event of a breach of contract. The terms of the agreement may require the parties to first endeavour to settle the dispute or to participate in alternative dispute resolution. This remains an option, even if the treaty does not require it. In other cases, the party aggrieved by the breach of the agreement may be required to bring a civil action against the other party. In tcBY Sys., Inc. v. RSP Co., Inc., et al., 33 F.3d 925, Bus. Franchise Guide (CCH) ¶ 10, 518 (8th Cir. 1994), the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit found that the duty of good faith and fair trade implies a requirement of adequacy for the contractual obligations declared by the franchisee and confirmed that the jury had breached this requirement by failing to provide adequate assistance for site selection. Franchise agreements normally describe what happens when the contract ends. As a general rule, franchisees may not use the franchisee`s trademarks and intellectual property and are subject to a commercial restriction.

In 2016, we successfully argued, on behalf of a national group of Cottman franchisees, that a franchisee, if they are specifically committed to helping them, must provide adequate assistance, not just a certain level of support. If a franchise agreement falls within the definition of a trading system (which is likely, I say), it must comply with the rules of the 1997 trading system. If it does not comply, the contracts concerned can be terminated immediately and most of the usual provisions in franchise agreements are not enforceable (although non-competition clauses can be maintained). The franchisee must obtain from the franchisee a reasonable period of time and reasonable grounds for termination. The franchise agreement sets out the conditions for a transfer. The existing franchise agreement is either awarded to the buyer or the buyer more often enters into a new franchise agreement with the franchisee. Check your franchise agreement. Bright recommends that a franchise considering terminating its agreement carefully check the franchise agreement. You want to know if the franchisee has not respected the agreement or not. If such circumstances have occurred, it can be easy to violate your agreement. You should also inquire about any cancellation fees and know where you are legally. Even if you remedy your breach, the fact that you have breached the franchise agreement in the past could give the franchisor the right to refuse the extension in the future.

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