A status report helps prove the damage caused by the tenant in order to deduct the amount in order to repair the damage from the loan. Early rent is not money that the landlord can keep in reserve as a form of additional rental loan. A tenant can no longer be asked to pay rent until the last rent paid has been used. For example; on the day of the start of the rental, the tenant can pay two weeks` rent and be 14 days in advance. Each day, the tenant is one day less, so the tenant is no longer in advance with the rent at the next rent deadline (two weeks later). With the next payment of 14 days, the tenant is back 14 days in advance and the cycle continues. If the landlord collects a user tax, he cannot hold the tenant`s goods until the fee is paid. The goods must be handed over to the tenant, whether the user fees have already been paid. If the tenant is dismissed for non-payment of rent, this does not necessarily mean that the lease is terminated. To avoid termination, the tenant has 2 options: A tenant should also make the landlord or real estate agent as easy as possible to show the property to potential new tenants. Some leases include payments other than rents. For example, the tenant may be required to pay bills for incidental or NSF fees, late fees, or other fees. The landlord or intermediary must give the tenant a reasonable opportunity to participate in the final check.

This guide covers owners (or primary tenants) and tenants (or tenants) in a residential tenancy agreement. This is the case for the majority of flatshares and housing rentals. The owner and broker can share the photo or video, but only if it is for inspection, maintenance or repair purposes. Tenants may not refuse to give their consent to the publication of photos or videos inappropriately. It is reasonable for the tenant to refuse to give consent if he or she may be subjected to domestic violence. If your landlord informs you of his intention to sell the property for the fixed duration of your rental, you can terminate your contract with a period of at least 14 days.. . . .

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