Another essential term in an option agreement is the “purchase price”, which is the amount of money the author receives when the script is turned into a feature film or TV project. The purchase price is often calculated as a percentage of the budget on a sliding scale, so that with the budget of the film, the purchase price also increases, although this can vary greatly, as with all negotiated conditions. The final sale price is not known in advance, but is calculated according to the event. For example, the buyer of the option wants to try to obtain a building permit. The seller wants a fair price – he doesn`t want the buyer to get away with too much of “his” land value. This agreement is particularly short and simple, for situations where it is important not to submit to the other party a long legalistic document that it might worry about. An option agreement in its most fundamental period is a contract in which the author grants someone, for a certain period and against payment, the right to film the author`s script. The three main key issues that normally arise when negotiating such a transaction are the length of the option period, the amount of the option payment and the purchase price when the project applies. How each of these problems is solved depends on the negotiating ability of the parties involved (i.e.: Whether the author is a beginner or has already succeeded in the industry and whether the producer is an experienced player or just a young production company trying to get traction). Option buyers could use this document to entice a real estate seller to act in some way to achieve the higher result, or a seller could use it to ensure that he or she participates in the full profits and not just the first step. This simple option agreement for the purchase of land allows a landowner to grant an option to a buyer. This is a “call option” in which the buyer can require the seller to transfer the property to the buyer at a later date. You will use this agreement to secure the country in terms of work to increase its value before each event.

For example, this Agreement sets the price and exercise date, so there is no room for manoeuvre for arguments. This version has been designed specifically for situations where the buyer does not want to discourage the seller of the business by giving him a document filled with “legal” questions. Use them if you`re worried that your seller will be overwhelmed. You will thus obtain a signature of this agreement. This is a simple option agreement that creates a right to buy real estate at a certain price within a set period of time. From the producer`s point of view, an option agreement gives the producer the option to keep an exclusive script for a while without having to put a lot of money in advance, as they try to launch the project. The law simply states that an agreement to purchase real estate must be in writing; signed by both parties; dated; and must identify the land purchased. It is this last point that absorbs people when they create ownership option agreements. Too often, limits, retention rights and other issues are not sufficiently detailed. We offer several variants of an option agreement that offer solid framework conditions for negotiating your agreement. In case of good negotiation, an option agreement can be a win-win situation for both the author and the producer.

The author is paid to let go of his scripts for a limited period of time, while the producer tries to get the green light from the project from a studio or production company….

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