We are a full service law firm in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The company is big enough to aggressively represent you and your business, and small enough to offer the personalized and attentive service you need. Our franchise lawyers work with colleagues in labour law, tax law, trust and estate planning, economic financing, real estate and family law. • require a franchisee to make an initial and ongoing payment to the franchisor A distribution agreement is generally a contract between a manufacturer, producer or importer and an independent contractor who sells or markets the products. A typical distribution partnership involves fewer checks and fewer instructions from the supplier. Distribution partnerships can be excusing or non-exclusive, may involve a number of commitments and support, and may take different times. If you ask a lawyer to design distribution agreements, you need to make sure that all the problems arising from such agreements are covered, including, but not only: mainly, distribution and agency relate to a distribution channel – while licensing is about a distribution channel, but perhaps also about a manufacturing relationship. In contrast, franchising and production are much less likely to be bedmates. In general, a franchise agreement is an agreement in which: here are some of the basics of franchises, licenses and distribution partnerships: if a franchise, although complicated to set up, can be used with great effect by a business owner to expand and market his business. A franchise agreement allows a business owner to define their company`s policies and procedures and expand their business in a way they couldn`t do on their own by allowing them to set up multiple properties. • allows a franchisee to use its trade name, trademarks and trademarks Lewitt Hackmans franchise and distribution lawyers are frequent authors and speakers on franchise right and other topics. You are active and committed members of national franchise organizations.

This Agreement sets out the rights, costs and responsibilities of the Parties with respect to the distribution of the Products. The distributor buys the products from the company that manufactures the products, but does not own the company itself….

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