1 (incalculable English context) polite behavior. 2 (English accounting context) A polite gesture or remark. 3 (uncompetent English context) consent or consent despite the fact; Indulgence. 4 (background. Douglas Harper`s Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in douglas Harper`s Etymology Dictionary at the beginning of the 13c., curteisie, old French curteisie (modern French courtesy), curteis “poli” (see politely). A specialized sense of curteisie is the source of English curtsy. We sent these surrogate messengers to the web to look for those whose lives, courtesies, charities and creditworthiness indicate that they might once have been masters of enlightenment. Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia Courtesy comes from the old French “courteis” (twelfth century) and is gentle courtesy and courteous manners. In the Middle Ages in Europe, the behavior expected by the nobility was summarized in courtesy books. As expected, the Amerinds had made calls remotely, but at least they always had the courtesy of loading them on another number. Hell is that if they parade him through stinky fatigue and squeaky boondockers, they call him Sir and will treat him with the courtesy that suits a rank officer when he no longer deserves it.

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