(25 June 2008) CSEA members overwhelmingly ratified a provisional agreement with the single judicial system, with a ratio of 25 to 1. Members approved the agreement by 2,876 to 114. The CSEA will send ballots to all members during the last week of June to vote on the provisional agreement. The bargaining team believes that this agreement is of great use to our members and therefore asks you to vote YES on your ballot! The CSEA is deeply disappointed by the continued delay of the UCS in the negotiations on a new treaty. The old contract expired on March 31 and CSEA strongly insisted that an agreement be executed only by deferral on the part of management. The CSEA and the Unified Court System have reached a fair and accountable agreement that recognizes the value and importance of the judicial staff who operate the system every day. CSEA has an Economic Benefit Side Letter with the unified Court system, which provides that CSEA benefits from any economic benefit granted to any other UCS Bargaining Unit. As a result of this side letter, all NYS Court Officers and NYS Court Attendants represented by CSEA will receive the $500 payment on April 1, 2019. As the CSEA collective agreement ends on March 31, 2019, this amount will be concluded until the negotiation and ratification of a new triboroughed succession contract (continued under the old treaty). CSEA must negotiate the rate of 750 $US in our estate agreement in order for this amount to be paid. In January 2012, the CSEA filed a complaint with the New York State Public Relations Office (PERB) for improper practice regarding contract proposals that UCS deemed non-mandatory during our meeting with them in September 2011. This indictment had to be filed within four months, after UCS had declared these proposals non-mandatory, and since no additional meeting had been scheduled until then, we had to file the indictment in order to preserve the timeliness. This froze the negotiations because we could not move forward until this accusation was resolved.

In August, CSEA and UCS paid the fee. CSEA will act quickly in the coming weeks to obtain approval of the provisional agreement by ordinary employees of the union court. . . .

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