After installing a monitoring system, it is strongly recommended that you discuss maintenance with your customer. It is really important that everything works properly, because a considerable amount of money is usually invested in a security system. Here are some examples of what might be covered in ccTV maintenance services. This list can be adapted according to your needs. Pricing a CCTV maintenance contract is often not an easy task, but it must be done to offer your customer the best service contract. Sometimes it`s hard to know what to offer your customer, depending on the type of security system installed. Today, there is a lot of modern IP technology on a surveillance system that makes it better, but also more complex. It is important that the cameras work and are clean. See the list below of maintenance tasks. As a system integrator, you need to calculate all costs before entering into a contract with your customer. Make sure you can hire the right technical team that can do the job and that they are affordable for such a contract.

We can recognize that the man needs a medical examination every year, the vehicle needs a maintenance service depending on the mileage used. Are you aware that your security system must be maintained and maintained to ensure the repetition of the service for 24 hours / 365 days? GTC has a team of CCTV experts and security engineers working throughout Malaysia, we offer you a surveillance maintenance plan that best meets your security needs and requirements for your premises. Our service ensures that your safety equipment and security system work optimally. The gtc service and maintenance contract aims to ensure that if you opt for Xpert services, you will receive first-class services, which will be supported by our “World Class Customer Service Team”. What`s more, you`ll get certified technicians who explain the technology in a simple mansion. We believe technology should work to make your life easier, frustration may be a thing of the past if you work with The Xpert Services. Servers and PCs are a very important part of the monitoring system and you need to make sure that they are maintained properly. Look at the recommended tasks: Maintaining security systems requires qualified CCTV technicians who need to handle network devices such as IP cameras, switches, routers, servers, recorders, etc. What I`m trying to say is that maintenance work for a modern security system can cost you more, and you should be fully aware of that. To help our customers get the best performance from the surveillance camera, we introduced the concept of quarterly service/maintenance contracts for their surveillance system. The first thing that comes to mind when you talk about ccTV maintenance is how the camera works properly, especially during the warranty period.

Claudemir Martins is a former Samsung engineer with over 16 years of experience in the surveillance industry. He has traveled to 17 different countries to teach people how to design and install CCTV systems. You can negotiate a long-term contract with your client and let them know that it is better and more affordable to have a 3-year maintenance contract. Part of the technical team must also have a good knowledge of IP networks, VMS software, international standards and troubleshooting. In today`s era of competition, quality is a major concern. The quality of the output of the devices depends on the repetition power of the equipment. To obtain a rehearsal performance; The entry of routine maintenance is a key factor. In this article, I show you how to tout a CCTV maintenance contract and give you an orientation on the work to be done. Video/(DVR/NVR) Digital Video Recorders/Network The most common way to reward a CCTV maintenance contract is to calculate an annual percentage of the total cost of installing the project, which includes just like equipment, wiring, software, and labor…

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