INVOICING: Subcontracting invoices are sent certified to 200 E. Main St. #500 Johnson City TN 33604. E-mail to or faxperte at (928) 395-1429. The subcontractor is not entitled to an advance payment until the subcontractor has carried out 50% of the total work carried out mainly to the provisional qualitative satisfaction of the contractor, with the remaining payments to be made at intervals of 25%. The subcontractor`s payment is therefore withheld if the subcontractor`s payment had unresolved defects from the subcontractor or the owner. Regardless of the type of subcontractor or type of contract (except for an explicit clause to the contrary in a contract between the principal contractor and the employer), it is common that “the principal contractor remains fully responsible for the work with the employer and cannot apologize by proving that a bad job or delay was caused by a subcontractor.” 2 “Any designation of a subcontractor in accordance with point 4.4.3 does not constitute a contract between the employer and the subcontractor, nor is it a liability or liability of the employer to the subcontractor and does not absone the contractor of any liability or obligation of the contract.” GARANTIS: The subcontractor must honour the holder`s guarantee under the main contract with respect to the purpose of the subcontract in the manner and manner and to the extent that the contractor is guaranteed to the owner in accordance with the main contract. The subcontractor guarantees and guarantees without reservation all the work, materials and services it employs and provides during the execution of the work and undertakes, at the subcontractor`s expense, to correct and correct, upon request, all deficiencies in the approval and receipt of the contractor, the owner and the architect. The subcontractor replaces and repairs all other parts of the project and their contents that could have been damaged or removed by the performance of its obligations under this paragraph and replace them, at its expense and at the expense of the subcontractor and to the satisfaction of the owner, architect and contractor.

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Last Modified: abril 9, 2021