Where do you see the puzzle? I`m www.latimes.com/games/daily-crossword and it`s clear as a bell. I checked both my Windows and Linux computers with different browsers. I don`t have a Mac, so I can`t check. We love these crossword puzzles, we often need help. Thanks for the answers! The puzzle numbers are blurry, almost illegible. Can it be corrected? 1 Easily available: ON TAP 6 Arabian Peninsula natives: OMANIS 12 Declines: SAYS NO 18 – apart: WORLDS 20 1998 Winter Games city: NAGANO 21 Place for retiring? : PIT STOP 22 – Cuddly toy: STUFFED ANIMAL (giving “social animal”) 24 Was behind: RAN LATE 25 April 4, in 2021: EASTER 26 “99 Balloons” singer, His name is an anagram of two women of Henry VIII: NENA 27 Texter s “If you ask me”: IMO 28 Q`s value in Scrabble: TEN 29 “Solve for x”: ALG 31 Hafenbobber: BUOY 33 Fire Workers: SERFS 35 rooms with views: OP-EDS 37 -Layered Lunch: TURKEY CLUB (give “Social Club”) 41 Popular factual source: ALMANAC 43 Hunters seen at night: ORION 44 Ramis role on “Mr. Robot”: ELLIOT 47 sch. with a campus in Lima: OSU 48 Swingers Tools: BATS 51 Wait to a boxer, maybe: PET-SIT 53 III will: ENMITY 55 Irrefutable Truth: GOSPEL 57 Scope box emanations: ODORS 60 `Braves Outfielder, 1990 N.L. Rookie of the Year was: DAVID JUSTICE (giving “social justice”) 62 “Ex on the Beach” Channel: MTV 64 Actress Hatcher: TERI 66 A half-film kind portmanteau: ROM- 67 jobs for RNs: ORS 68 Tiny bit: TAD 69 Cheery salutes: HI-HO! 70 – Frei: Press Term: LINT 72 Market: SELL 74 Bowler, z.B.: HATS 75 Present on the menu: A LA 76 Palate pal: AMI 78 Helps for Profess: TAS 80 Check, with “in”: REIN … 82 – Miss: OLE 83 – Webmaster`s concern: DATA SECURITY (giving “Social Security”) 87 Financial liabilities: DEBTS 89 Ailing: UNWELL 90 Performed a concerto`s cadenza: SOLO ED 92 Where kitties get pampered: CAT SPA 96 Substandard: POOR 97 Perfume: UAE 99 Beautiful of old SWAINS 10 2 Civil rights icon John: 103 “Close, Close, LEWIS but no cigar”: NICE TRY 106 -Cuts a school period: SKIPS CLASS (giving “social class”) 108 Prefix with La Liga: INTER- 110 Video files: MPEGS 113 Israeli statesman Abba: EBAN 114 Washington ML: NAT 115 “Right this moment!”: NOW! 116 World Budget Organization.

: IMF 118 Cakes: SNAP 120 Paid by: BRIBED 123 Sweetums: POOPSIE 125 Field including history, and a reference for star responses Notes: SOCIAL STUDIES 129 Poland Neighbour: UKRAINE 130 Entries Words: I`M HERE 131 thin piece: SLIVER 132 “Shame on you!”: TSK TSK! 133 Raised: REARED 134 Switch (on): KEELS @Joe … probably… if… It was anything but a crossword puzzle.

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Last Modified: abril 9, 2021